Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tevye's Dream: The Jewish Thriller

Twitter is like the best cocktail party you've ever been to. All the cool kids are there, and we're invited too. While I get in (meaning listen in on) lots of fascinating discussions (really), mostly I live for comments like this....

jimmiebjrjimmiebjr: The "Mazel Tov" dream song from Fiddler is like the Russian Jewish version of Thriller.

Maybe it isn't deep, but it's true. And that counts for something. I couldn't find a Thriller video I could include in the post, but you can catch it at YouTube. Here's the scene from Fiddler.

Fiddler on the roof - Tevye´s Dream

I mean, really. Will you ever watch Fiddler in quite the same way again? Thanks Jimmiebjr.


TX972 said...

That was amazing!
... and with your posting about Twitter, you must be there too, Jack. Any hints on how to find you there?

TX972 said...

Oops, I never saw the "Follow Me on Twitter" link on the left side of your blog page. For having nearly 20/20 vision, the power of my non-observation startles me. Sorry about that!

Jack said...

No problem. I should move that link up a bit higher and make it more visible. I'll get right on it.