Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lil Rev: Fiddler on the Roof Meets Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Ok, Lil' Rev isn't quite a Jewish cowboy (I have a thing for Jewish cowboys) but a guy from Milwaukee who can alternate between Jewish and Israeli classics and American old-timey music, all while wearing a straw hat and playing a mean ukulele is ok in my book. Here's Lil Rev's puff...
"Come along on a fascinating journey and celebrate the best of Jewish Folk Music, Lore, and Stories with award-winning folk Singer Lil Rev.Combining the spirit of these two musical tales, Lil Rev carries the listener back in time as we ride upon th coat-tails of those gone down before; from our early arrival as Immigrant Jews in the late 1800's to the traveling stories of a modern day troubadour we'll explore many themes dear to our hearts as American Jews including songs of home, love, struggle, triumph, dreams made good, hope and faith."
Here are some clips from one of his show, "The Jews of Tin Pan Alley". He also does a show called "Scraps of Quilting Music" that "weaves a unique tapestry of songs, stories, poems and Quilting Lore," plays in the band Frogwater, and does a variety of workshops and programs. To learn more about them or to pick up a Lil' Rev CD, check out his website.

The Jews of Tin Pan Alley by Lil' Rev


LE7 said...

Ah yes my mommy likes to go see him at Summerfest.

Jack said...

Hi Elisheva...That's great. I haven't seen him live but he looks like a good guy.