Saturday, May 22, 2010

Contemporary Jewish Music: More possible musicians for Detroit's JCC Stephen Gottlieb Music Fest

Hot from the camp, JCC, and synagogue circuit, Contemporary Jewish Music includes a wide variety of pop-liturgical musicians and styles. Here is a list of some of my favorites that I passed along to the JCC Stephen Gottlieb Music Fest committee. For more of an explanation see my earlier post about Yiddish singers. As always, this is just a intro list..there's lots more out there.

Mare Winningham
The Emmy award winning actress is a recent Jewish convert. She recorded a wonderful record of original Jewish themed songs over Appalachian American folk music melodies.

Joshua Nelson
Nelson, an African American Jew (or Jew of Color), is the "king of kosher gospel." He mixes back and forth between Jewish, Christian and World music stages.

Julie Silver
Popular pop-liturgical songleader with a folk-pop sound

Linda Hirschhorn's Vocolot

If Debbie Friedman is the queen of pop-liiturgial songleading, Linda Hirschhorn is the duchess.

Craig Taubman
Major pop-liturgical singer-songwriter.

Josh Nelson Project

Popular Pop-liturgical songleader with a college rock sound

Todd Herzog
Popular Pop-liturgical songleader with a folk-pop sound

Hazzan Richard Kaplan
Jewish Renewal hazzan mixes hassidic, eastern, and contemporary music into a deeply spiritual mix (music starts around 4:20)

Temple (Danya Uriel and Eyal Riulia)
"Eyal and Danya are dedicated to revitalizing Hebrew chanting as a form of meditation and ecstatic prayer on the path of the heart."

Andrew Hahn - Kirtan Rabbi
Jewish devotional chant based on Eastern vocal traditions. "Kirtan is fully participatory, call-and-response devotional chant. A live kirtan is at once ecstatic, contemplative and — most of all — playfully improvised."