Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jewish Blues...Saul Kaye "dips the Old Testament into the Delta:

Am I a prince here in the desert, if I am heir to this thrown. If I listen to Hashaem...will I wander the desert alone. Will I die out here on my own?

According to his website,, Saul Kaye resonates with the parallels between the African and Jewish slavery and diaspora stories. On his 2009 album "Jewish Blues Vol. 1 Live" (CD Baby), Kaye takes his "Jewish experience and blend[s] it with the African one, much like my own journey, taking Jewish stories and putting them to African-based blues". A bit more mannered than Sway Machinery and a bit more Delta than Wolf Krakowski's blues influenced roots rock, Kaye's got a gentle grittiness that's really engaging. I dig it.

Moses Blues

On this topic, for a nice reminiscence on the Jewish influence in the Blues and Jazz, see this blog post by the Blues Blogger.

Hat tip to Wave Street Studios for posting this and other Saul Kaye live concert videos.

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"dips the Old Testament into the Delta:"
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