Saturday, May 22, 2010

Iron Menorah!

As child of the 80's, Iron Maiden was a serious part of my soundtrack. Not because I was big heavy metal fan. Other than a minor obsession with Blue Öyster Cult, the lack of humor and the overt Christian references in much of the music always turned me off. But a lot of my friends were die-hard headbangers, meaning I knew Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and the Scorpions as well as I knew my own favorite punk bands.

Cleary, the guys in Iron Menorah, a Jewish Iron Maiden tribute band, weren't turned off. These guys love their Iron Maiden and play hard. They push the shtick hard in their stage performance, with mock-peyes swinging and hava-nagilla riffs raging. But for all that, they're actually pretty good. Definately head-bang worthy.

I was tipped off by a twitter tweet that said "Oh. My. God. Jewish Iron Maiden cover band called Iron Menorah at @mohawkaustin. Effing awesome."

Yeah. Pretty much.

Here's a video from their April gig at Hole in the Wall in Austin Texas.


By the way...if you dig this at all, hop on over to my buddy Keith Kahn Harris's Metal Jew blog for his chronicles of all things Jewish and Metal. I'm looking forward to getting his take on this.

Update: Kirsten Rosenberg, the Jewish lead singer of all-female Iron Maiden tribute band the "Iron Maidens" just chimed into say howdy. Hi rock. Everyone check out her group's take on The Wicker Man.

Hat tip to aquiferproductions for posting the video to YouTube and to the excellent rock photographer Steve Hopson for the band photo.


kirsten Rosenberg said...

As a fellow Jew and lead singer of The Iron Maidens (female tribute to Iron Maiden), I love it!

Jack said...

Kirsten...Iron Maidens? That's awesome. Everyone..go check out Kirsten's website.

Anonymous said...

i have seen the boys in iron menorah twice. they do in fact, effing rock.

Jack said...

yep. I'm jealous.

Aaron Amihud said...

Thanks, I used to like Iron Maiden until I saw this post that is.