Monday, May 24, 2010

LA Jewish Symphony: Like the Human Experience - but Jewish-ier

LA Jewish SymphonyYep. There is one. A consistently performing Jewish Symphony. In LA. Since 1994. And, of course, I didn't know about it until today. (Go ahead. Rub it in). I don't see an official blurb on on the symphony's website, but here's a nice quote from the LA Times..

"the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony is an established and growing ensemble that aims to fill a cultural niche by exploring new or seldom-heard music by or about Jews."

The symphony seems pretty active and has two upcoming concerts, a "Humanitarian Aid Concert" to benefit Mazon on June 13 and a "Cinema Judaica" concert that highlights Jewish film composers and Jewish or Israeli themed films on Aug 8th. Both shows are in LA. See their 2010 events page for more info.

Zinovy Goro, founding member of the LA Jewish Symphony, discusses klezmer music

LA Jewish Symphony on JLTV Education Program 2009

By the it just me does the JLTV suit that introduces the JLTV spot make you claw your ears off. What a putz. Noreen Green of the LAJS wasn't much better "What is the Jewish Experience...but the Human Experience." Sigh. The most interesting thing about is that...we're just like everyone else. whoopie.

I'm being snarky, but I'm glad to know the the LA JS exists and hope to see them play sometime soon. I'm actually quite impressed that their "Cinema Judaica" concert focuses on films with Jewish themes AND skips "Schindler's List". Here's the run-down....
"Jerry Goldsmith's music from Masada, Elmer Bernstein's Ten Commandments Suite, and selections from films with Jewish themes by Steven Schwartz (Prince of Egypt) and Charles Fox's Victory at Entebbe Suite with Israeli-born pianist Andy Feldbau. The program will include World Music artist and composer Yuval Ron, featuring his music from West Bank Story, which won the 2006 Oscar for Best Live Action Short."
That's a great list. Go LAJS!

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