Friday, May 21, 2010

Jewish Hipsters: Even more possible musicians for Detroit's JCC Stephen Gottlieb Music Fest

They're young, hip, and Jewish and are making noise. Here is a list of some cool Jewish musicians that I passed along to the JCC Stephen Gottlieb Music Fest committee. These folks play rock clubs as well as Jewish events and do it with style, with their Jewish identity a significant portion of their stage identity. For more of an explanation see my earlier post about Yiddish singers. As always, this is just a intro list..there's lots more out there.

Jeremiah Lockwood & Sway Machinery
Grandson of a cantor and a passionate delta blues guitarist, Lockwood
fuses the two into an amazing mix. Imagine if the Blues Brothers went
to Yeshiva instead of Catholic School.

Girls in Trouble
Alicia Jo Rabins folk-pop band, singing in English about the stories
of women in the Torah. Personal favorite of mine.

Amazingly good Orthodox hip-hop rapper. Raps in English, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

Yummy "Bible-gum" pop band from Chicago

David Griffin's Hebrew School
Wonderful guitar pop band that channels 1960's and 70's pop music

Shir Yaakov, Eprhyme & Darshan
Shir Yaakov's a soulful singer who performs solo and teams up with
hip-hop rapper Eprhyme in the band Darshon.
Shir Yaakov:

The Shondes
Riot-grrl punk band with lyrics centering on Jewish and queer identity politics

Good for the Jews & The Leevees
"The best band in the world since last Tuesday" Hilarious comedy musical duo.

In that video the duo is backed by the band, The Leevees, a funny
Jewish rock band.

Rav Shmuel
Hassidic folk-rock singer-songwriter

The Wailing Wall.
Swirly Bob Dylan-esque folk rock.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Bible Raps!

Y-Love said...

One love for shouting me out but we can't sleep on the Jewish punk scene either!

PunkTorah ( has his band Can!!Can, there's MoshiachOi! ( and Schneersohn ( for my heads into death metal. there's also David Lazzar (who needs to start making metal again).

Jack said...

Yitz, no doubt. All great bands.