Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Regina Spektor will play at the White House for Jewish Heritage Month

Hot off the presses...Regina Spektor was invited to play for President Obama to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month. I'm stunned and overjoyed. First, because I don't think the White House has honored Jewish Heritage Month before and secondly because I'm delighted by their choice. Spektor has become a poster child for a popular pop music performer who's comfortable with including Jewish identity in her stage identity. Awesome.

Here's Spektor's reaction, from a longer article on Spinner.Com by Michael B. Ayers.
"Having moved to America from Soviet Russia as a child with my family, we dreamed of reconnecting with our religious traditions and of making America our home" Spektor said in a statement. "Having lived here for over 20 years, it is an unimaginable honor to be invited to the White House by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, to an event celebrating Jewish Americans, and to be counted among them. Nothing in the world could make us feel more accepted and at home!"
Regina Spektor - "Samson" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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David said...

Samson - a really beautiful sounding song. I wish Ms. Spektor all good things.

The song got me thinking - it seems that Pres. Obama has a tight grip on those scissors and is hard at work on cutting Israel down to size.

Jack said...

David, glad you liked it.

As for Israel's relationship with the US government...I'm not going to comment. I know folks smarter and more thoughtful on the topic and they can't agree about this. Not point in me sounding off. I'd rather be wrong in public about music. That's something I can handle.

Aaron Amihud said...

I couldn't feel more at home in America??? And this is our shining example of American Jews. Pathetic!

Barth said...

I am so sorry that there are Israelis who believe that a Jew should not feel at home in the United States.

Israel means a lot to many of us, but our home is the United States of America. I am sorry if that offends you or upsets you in some way.

That the President of our country will celebrate the Jewish heritage of many of our fellow citizens, and will do so in the company of a woman who was born and lived in the U.S.S.R., came here to, at least in part, celebrate her religion freely, and has become one of its most celebrated citizens is something of which I am very, very proud and happy.

Barth said...

the sword and the pen.

More later

Barth said...

The President and Regina,

and some gorgeous photographs of the event, including a few taken by Judy Blume.