Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dona Dona - by Eva, Melle and Kris

Here's a lovely, informal, version of the Yiddish classic "Dona Dona." I don't know anything about the performers, Eva, Melle, and Kris, other than they did a lovely job with the song. This is my favorite kind of video, just a couple of folks loving a good song and reminding us of how much life this music still has in it.

"Dona Dona" was originally written by Aaron Zeitlin (lyrics) and Sholom Secunda (music) for the Yiddish musical "Esterke" in the early 1940s. The song became a favorite of the American folk revival in the 1960's has been performed and recorded many times by folks including Joan Baez, Donavon, and Theodore Bikel. You can read the full lyrics in Yiddish and English at Wikipedia.

Dona Dona - by Eva, Melle and Kris

Hat tip to YouTube user OrangeJunk20 for posting the video.

Update: Sigh. One click on OrangeJunk20's YouTube page clarified things a bit. The Kris (the guy) in the video is singer/songwriter Kris Shred.

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