Friday, June 20, 2008

viel Herz und Gefiehl - Andrea Giani and Gefilte Fish

I was looking for my weekly pre-Shabbat "get in the mood" video when I ran across this lovely montage of Andrea Giani and Gefilte Fish. It gets partial credit in the Shabbat department for the Giani's Adon Olam segment in the middle. Giani has an amazing voice. According to her bio she "was born in Cologne. She studied Piano and Voice in her native city and at the »Richard Strauss Conservatory« in Munich...Her repertoire extends from jazz standards to French and German chansons and on to Yiddish and Jewish songs, which – with her versatile and expressive dark voice – she sings with a lot of heart and soul: »viel Herz und Gefiehl«." I'll say. The Gefilte Fish band, which includes Joe Rappaport on violin, Tobias Schwartz on upright bass, Roman Chowdhury on guitar, and Angeliki Koufou on accordion provide her just the right jazz cabaret feel to support her without overwhelming her or loosing their own identities. I particularly loved Koufou's accordian playing.

This video seems to be songs recorded on the Gefilte Fish album "Sol Sejn" available as an import through your favorite music store or online at Amazon, CD Universe, or Tower Records. According to the YouTube notes "These recordings/filming took place at ODEON studios Athens Greece January 28 2007 for David Nachmias' show TIMIS ENEKEN (Under the auspices of Greek National Television ERT)"

GEFILTE FISH Jiddische Lieder Kompilation (Athens recording)

Hat tip to YouTube user "Kombothekras" for posting the video.

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