Thursday, June 5, 2008

Groyse Metsie: Live at the Indica Pub

Groyse MetsieI'm having fun this week with the Internet Archive. It's a real treasure trove of free music, the only problem is that it's tricky to embed in my blog posts. I'm not sure if the Benny Bell music I posted on Monday is playable.

Anyway, I'm trying again. This time with a live set by the Israeli "progressive klezmer" band Groyse Metsie. Here's their puff description.... "From the depths of the jewish "Nigunim" melodies out of the jewish tradition of kabbalah. A Groyse Metsie skillfuly combines touching acoustic solo pieces, breakbit and funky grooves, trip hop ambience and rock and roll power with the soulful fire of klezmer jewish music. " (I love these things).

These guys remind me of American avant-jazz-klez groups like Hasidic New Wave. Good stuff and well worth the listen. This recording is from their show at the Indica Pub in Israel. It's available for download at the Internet Archive.

UPDATE: Ok. That didn't work. You can listen to the Indica show at the Internet Archive page. As a consolation prize, here's a video of Groyse Mestie playing their song "Hey!" on Israeli TV.

Groyse Metsie live on Sport 5 - Hey !

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