Thursday, June 19, 2008

David Fagin interviewed by The Jewish Television Network

It's one in the morning and I've worked late every night for the past week. Two research grant proposals out the door and the presentation for tomorrow's funders review all done (well, done enough to go to bed.) sigh. Anyway, I've got just enough energy for a quick cut & past post.

From the YouTube video notes:
"David Fagin founded the NYC pop quartet, The Rosenbergs. That wasn't enough so he joined Rob Tannenbaum to produce music that was "Good for the Jews". Still not satisfied he just completed work on his first solo effort, "For Promotional Use Only."

The Rosenbergs' David Fagin One-on-One

Attentive readers may remember my excitement over the "Good for the Jews" video "They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat." If you haven't heard it, do it now. Then learn it by heard and sing it at your next Passover seder, bris, or simcha of choice. You can find Fagin at his website and his myspace page.

Hat tip to the Jewish Television Network for posting this video.

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