Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hazanim - The Organization of Israeli Cantors

The cantor R. Moshe Gavra at chupa ceremony.One of my pals on the Klezmershack mailing list recently pointed me to Hazanim - The Organization of Israeli Cantors. According to their 'Objectives' statement Hazanim wishes to
"To serve as a platform that can express and publicize the traditions of song and piyut of the Jewish Sephardi heritage throughout Israel and the entire world. To strengthen and enhance contacts between cantors and various Jewish communities in Israel and abroad. To provide an opportunity for cantors and singers of piyutim to distribute their creations to the public. We turn to our Creator with the prayer that our doings shall not fail and all our deeds be implemented for the sake of Heaven and hope soon to be privileged to hear the music played and sung by the Levites in the Holy Temple to be built and founded speedily in our times, AMEN."
The English version of the website has contact information and musical samples from 15 or so Israeli Sephardi cantors, along with samples and ordering information for a few albums. The musical samples are lovely and worth sharing. Here are a couple, check out the Hazanim website for the rest.

Shamati Shimacha sung by Cantor Meir Abud from the album 'Moadim Songs'

Shamaati by Cantor Didi Shlomo

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