Friday, June 27, 2008

Fortuna - Brazilian Sephardic Vocalist sings Shalom Aleichem

Shabbat shalom everyone,

For my weekly 'get in the Shabbat groove' video, here's Fortuna's lovely performance of Shalom Aleichem. Fortuna is Jewish Brazilian vocalist steeped in the Sephardic music tradition, which, according to her bio, she discovered on a trip to Israel in 1991. "It a was a magic moment," she says. "I felt all the beauty, sweetness and wisdom contained in these songs. It resulted in a complete turnaround in my career and also in a deeper contact with Jewish culture, religion and customs". (quote from her website) Since then, she's released a series of albums on the MCD label that both mine and preserve this tradition. This video is a clip from her Caelestia DVD and CD. In addition to her own albums, Fortuna has been features compilation albums from Putumayo World Music including "Dreamland," singing the Ladino lullabye "Durme, Durme", Tango Around the World, singing "Tango Idishe" (Yiddish Tango), and "A Jewish Odyssey", singing "Shalom Aleichem". A video of Fortuna's Tango Idishe has been posted on Vimeo, go check it out.

Fortuna - Shalom Aleichem

Hat Tip to YouTube user CRISativa for posting the video. If you liked this video, please consider supporting the artist and purchasing one of her cd's or videos.

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