Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lipa Schmeltzer's New Album: A Poshiter Yid

Lipa's new album is out. It will be fun to watch the fireworks.

Lipa's a controversial figure at the moment in the traditional Jewish communities. He's known for over-the-top songs and performances (see my post on his fabulously nutty "Oy Channukah" video) that some in on the Charedi, ultra-orthodox, side strongly disapprove of. The big stink recently was over the banning of his Big Event concert days before it was supposed to happen. This was a big deal debacle in the Orthodox / Chassidic music community and was discussed endlessly in j-blogosphere. My post on it was little more than a me-too addendum to the dialog compared to the excellent posts at BloginDm and LifeOfRubin.

So now he's back with a new album "A Poshiter Yid" (a simple Jew). Blog in Dm has already posted a great review of it, commenting that "This is a very subversive disc. The graphical elements in the packaging, marketing, and music all work together to set up the theme, Lipa the "Poshiter Yid", the simple Jew ... It's going to be difficult for the rabbonim to argue with that pseudo-modest self-assessment." and "A number of these songs are going to be in the simcha rotation this season in Brooklyn, I'd guess. My prediction: "Yomam Volayla", "Asher Yotzar", and "Hentelech" will make the second dance set at Brooklyn weddings this season."

It's going to be interesting to watch the response to the album.

Here's a short promo video for the album. You can also hear an interview with JM in the AM's Nachum Segal and listen to a 7 minute preview of the album. (Both courtesy of Chaim at the LifeOfRubin blog)

Lipa Schmeltzer's New Album: A Poshiter Yid

Hat tip to YouTube user CeeRubin aka Chaim at the Life of Rubin blog for posting the video.

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