Thursday, August 21, 2008

De Leon, 15th Century Spanish Indie Rock

JDub Records band De Leon has it's first album out. I've only given it a quick listen, but it's good stuff. Any band that lists Talking Heads as an influence definately gets my attention.

Here's their official puff..

"DeLeon's unique style infuses the deeply mysterious and entrancing cadences of Sephardic Jewish folk music from 15th Century Spain to 20th Century Israel with modern indie rock. The band is named after and inspired by both 12th Century Kabalistic philosopher (and some say founder) Moses DeLeon and front man Daniel Saks' great-grandfather Giorgio DeLeon. Their music, birthed in Spain before the Inquisition and raised in pre-WWII Italy, reached maturity in modern-day Brooklyn.

DeLeon is the outlet through which front man Daniel Saks reconciles his lengthy cultural journey with modern influences. By re-imagining these ancient melodies as contemporary pieces, DeLeon provides listeners with a unique chance to experience the rich musical history of Sephardic Judaism, traced back to the Iberian Peninsula—Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar.

DeLeon's modern musical influences include Animal Collective and Talking Heads. Saks, along with band mates Kevin Snider, Justin Riddle, Amy Crawford and Andrew Oom, pioneered an innovative style that marries ancient Sephardic melodies sung in Ladino, Hebrew and English with the chaotic symphony of urban living."

Here's De Leon playing in my old stomping grounds of Cambridge, MA. If you dig the video, check out their MySpace page and go buy the album. Also, check out these other contemporary Sephardic groups, Sarah Aroeste, Divahn, Pharaoh's Daughter.

Yodukha Rayonai

Hat Tip to YouTube user KRP614 for posting the video.

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