Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Modular Moods releases C-Rayz Walz & the Kosha Dillz hip-hop collaboration "Freestyle vs Written"

C-Rayz Walz & the Kosha Dillz - Freestyle vs WrittenIt's been a good week. First, JDub released DeLeon's first Sephardic indie rock album, and now Modular Moods has released C-Rayz Walz & the Kosha Dillz hip-hop collaboration "Freestyle vs Written." You can the album and more info through iTunes, the album website, the album myspace page, Modular Moods and

Here's a video of one of the tracks.

C-RAYZ WALZ & KO$HA DILLZ - "OUTRO" (Freestyle vs Written) !

Here's a promo track "Listening to Freestyle vs. Written" for free download.

And finally, here's the album description (while it doesn't hyperventilate as much as your typical Chassidic Pop puff piece, it's darn close. Whew.)

"Indie hip-hop icon C-Rayz Walz teams up with fresh-faced, yeshiva-trained wordsmith Kosha Dillz for twelve tracks that mix freestyle and written rhymes, classic and new-school beats, and the frantic, fast-paced energy of a single, manic 24-hour recording session to produce, yes, "Freestyle Vs. Written," the first collaboration of its type. CMJ writes, ".. it's both a statement of cultural solidarity and creative open-mindedness."

It's an album that breaks borders and pushes boundaries. Songs like "I Love Jews" and "Ariel Sharon" are packed with classic hip rock samples and party moving sounds. Boasting collaborations with Murs, Matisyahu and MF Doom between them, and gracing the covers of magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and Source Magazine and spots on MTV, the two artists are ready to take the world by storm.

This soon-to-be-classic record was produced entirely by, 19-year-old Kentron Da Mastadon, who challenges the hip hop mold, armed with an MP of psychedelic rock riffs and jazz chops weaving the perfect backdrop for this Jerusalem Zionist-meets-Black Bronx ghetto aesthetic.

* 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Netivot Israel Louna Terror Victim Fund and to the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, an organization dedicated to strengthening relations between ethnic communities, headed by Russell Simmons and Rabbi Marc Schneier."

Hat tip to YouTube user TheBudderKing1 for posting the video and a slew of other Dillz videos.

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