Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jewish Cowboys Part 6: Bucky Goldstein

And Teruah's obsession with Jewish cowboys continues with installment six, Bucky Goldstein. This installment is about a joke and a song. Because this is a music blog, we'll do the song first.

Bucky Goldstein

The song was written by Mark "Emo" Langbehn. Here's his explanation...
Back-story: The title is drawn from a Steven Wright joke, but I didn't know it at the time. Michael Huskey was jamming with myself (Emo) and Adam S. and he made up this hilarious song called Bucky Goldstein. But we completely forgot how it went, except for the part about a bagel. Anyway, I wrote my own version trying to match how funny Michael's version was.
And now the joke...

Steven Wright: on a bus

Thanks to YouTube user TimClague (of Projector Films) for animating and posting the Steven Wright joke and to Mark "Emo" Langbehn for recording and posting the song.

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