Monday, May 5, 2008

Demo track for "David in Shadow and Light"

David in Shadow and Light PosterI exchanged some email this afternoon with Daniel Hoffman, the composer of "David in Shadow and Light." Daniel sent me a .mp3 recording of a demo track for one of the David songs and the following note
"sure you can use it - as long as you include this description/disclaimer:

Blood, David
Book and Lyrics by Yehuda Hyman
Music by Daniel Hoffman
copyright 2008 Davkamusic

This a demo (and I do mean demo- Its me singing, so its a little raw) from our new musical, David in Shadow and Light. This song is sung by Goliath's head after it's been cut off. Its a curse that Goliath's head puts on David. David joins in at the end in a little Freddy Mercury moment... Its based on a midrash about how David and Goliath were cousins- their great grandmothers, Ruth and Orpah were sisters. Goliath, in this production, is a manic punk rocker with a mohawk and leather pants. Hope you enjoy and can come see the production at Theatre J."

I'm glad I got to listen to the track. The musical's pop style is not at all what I had expected and the attention to midrashic detail was fascinating. I don't know the "David and Goliath were cousins" midrash so I'm off to crack open my "Book of Legends" to read up on it. Enjoy the track everyone. And go see the show if you can.

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