Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More on David in Shadow and Light

After I posted about Daniel Hoffman and Yehuda Hyman's new musical David in Shadow and Light at the Theater J in Washington DC last week I received a nice note from the folks at Theater J. They wanted everyone to know that they had some special events planned relative to the musical. Here's the note....
"Following yours entries on 5/5 on Daniel Hoffman in conjunction with Theater J’s new musical David in Shadow and Light, I thought it would be worth emphasizing that we at the WJMF are also highlighting Daniel’s music with two fascinating programs:

a. David’s Harp: Following a performance of David in Shadow and Light (that coincides with the WJMF), we will have a post-performance discussion about “Jewish Music” and about David’s music with ethnomusicologist and clarinetist Joel Rubin and Composer and violinist Daniel Hoffman (June 4, 7:30 pm). More info below and in the following link.

b. Another special project is a screening of silent film The Golem with live score by Daniel Hoffman played by his excellent band Davka (June 3, 8 pm). More info below and in the following link.

The festival, which is coming up soon (May 31-June 8) celebrates and explores the wide spectrum of sounds and traditions that make up Jewish music. Throughout a nine-day festival, audiences will be able to hear a wide range of styles and influences that make up the richness of Jewish music. In addition to the above programs, the festival will feature David Buchbinder’s Odessa/Havana, an exciting Jewish-Cuban musical fusion; the Afro-Semitic Experience, showcasing the musical traditions of both Jewish and African diasporas; Beyond The Pale, presenting new klezmer music, fused with folk and roots; the Sisters of Sheynville who swing in Yiddish; dance music and classical music; musical theater and pop; and much more.

Some of the artists who perform at our festival are familiar to readers of your blog; others are artists about whom your readers would probably love to read. I invite you to check out the very exciting line up of the festival at and to join us for this celebration of Jewish music. Here is another reason for a trip down to DC!
Thanks folks. I'm doing my best to arrange a business meeting for in DC on one of those days (don't tell my boss).

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