Friday, May 2, 2008

Hatikvah, the World Record Singalong

Israel's 60th birthday is coming up and I hear about new celebrations almost daily now. One entertaining one is Israeli businesswoman Galia Albin's plan to break the break the Guinness world record for "Most people singing an anthem simultaneously" on May 7, 2008. If you feel like singing along, you can get information and lyrics at her website,

For signing practice here are three different (very different) renditions of Israel's national anthem. The first is the inimitable Barbara Streisand, the second is from the movie "Someone to run with", and the third is the, well, unique stylings of Francky Perez & Broadway.

Barbra Streisand Sings Hatikvah

התקווה מתוך מישהו לרוץ איתו

Francky Perez & Broadway: The Hope

Hat tip to YouTube users photonh2o and cohenronnie for the Babs video and the "Someone to run with" clip.

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