Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Sound of Sacred Time

Earlier this week I posted about Cantor Andrew Bernard's article on the Kaddish. His bio had an intriguing note about his book, The Sound of Sacred Time: A basic music theory textbook to teach the Jewish prayer modes. I emailed him about and found that the book is self-published (contact him (704) 366-1948 x3042 or email me and I'll give you his email address.) Here is his table of contents and the first bit of a sample chapter. It looks very interesting.
Table of Contents

Magein Avot chapter sectionIf your interested, email me and I can send you the .pdf files of the table of contents and sample chapter sections.


Diamond Maaven said...

I am trying to study through the basic three cantorial modes. I am using the Davidson book "IMUNIM BE-NUSACH". That book is not so user friendly if you are not a "MUSIC MAJORE". I was wondering to hear your opinion about the Bernard's book.
I can mannage with music notes on the piano, but far from a concert level.
Where is the book available?
Thank you

Jack said...

Hi Moshe, as far as I'm aware the book is only available directly from Cantor Bernard. I have his contact information if you want it. Email me at jackzero@gmail.com and I'll send it to you.

I haven't seen the book and am not a student of cantorial modes, I can't comment on how user friendly the book would be. But I'm sure Cantor Bernard would answer your questions.

By the way, are you familiar with the virtualcantor.com website? It has a large collection of recordings of traditional nusach.

Diamond Maaven said...

Hi Jack,
Thank you for your kind advice.

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Yes, Jack, the book is only available directly from Cantor Bernard.