Saturday, December 8, 2007

Channukah Day 6: Lipa Schmeltzer & "Oy Channukah"

So if yesterday's video was pretty forgettable, today's video of Lipa (Schmeltzer) performing the classic "Oy, Channukah" has burned itself into my retinas and my eardrums. It has the high camp of a Bollywood production, the prissy funkiness of Blaxploitation film soundtrack, and the strangest male vocalist dance moves I've seen since catching Michael Stipe of R.E.M. wiggling in concert. And I think I love it. I typically don't enjoy the earnest anachronisms of lounge act Chassidic 'shiny shoe' music. But this video is so over the top that I'm hooked. I laughed through two work meetings after seeing it on my computer at lunch time (probably not the desired effect) and have been back to watch it about a dozen times since then. Sameach put the video up on YouTube to promote the new Lipa Experience DVD. Whew. I may have to snag a copy.

Oy, Channukah. Couldn't have said it better.



Anonymous said...

The idea of posting about Chanukah music on each day of Chanukah was a great one! I hadn't visited for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed each of the series. I hope you REDEDICATE yourself to this series next year--G-d willing.


Jack said...

RG, I'm glad you're enjoying them. Thanks for the feedback... I feel rededicated!