Friday, November 21, 2008

Chai FM - South Africa Jewish Radio

I just ran across a promo video for the brand new Chai 101.9 FM Johannesburg, South Africa, a 24 hour a day Jewish radio station. Mazel Tov folks.


Here's their station description...
"Chai Fm is a Jewish community radio station broadcasting to the greater Johannesburg area on 101.9fm. The station is talk format with 20% Jewish music. Programming is determined by community research and reflects the diverse views of the community. Based on "Tools for Life", Chai Fm provides programming that is informative, educational, entertaining and relevant to the community.

The objectives of Chai Fm are to: Unite the Jewish community, to build the connection between the community and the land of Israel, to reflect ourselves to ourselves and to provide programming that is relevant, informative, intelligent, honest, engaging, reflects a diversity of views and is entertaining.

Chai Fm is for all the Jews of Johannesburg, irrespective of observance levels, age, gender, race or financial status.

"The station aims to provide a platform for debate and a diversity of opinion" says Kathy Kaler, a director of Chai Fm. She adds: "It's so easy to think that our communities are insular and we can forget we are each part of a greater "whole".

Chai Fm was granted a community broadcasting licence in June 2007 and will begin broadcasting in September 2008
The magic words here are will begin broadcasting. The website is pretty much a mess, so I'm betting they're not on air yet. But hopefully they'll get things straightened out and running smooth soon.

Good news from South Africa. According to Lisa Gordon of Chai FM, as of December 2008 they have started broadcasting. They hope that in a year or so to be streaming their show world wide via the internet. I did a quick bop over to their website and it's looking much more put together now. Great job, folks. Mazel tov.


Jean-Louis Kayitenkore said...

I had a very good friend in Johannesburg..

His name is David Franck..

Can you or Chai FM help me to touch base with him?

Be blessed

Jack said...

Jean-Louis, I'll see what I can do. I have no contacts in South Africa, but will try to get in touch with Chai FM and see if they can help.


Lisa Gordon said...

Hi. I work for Chai FM in South Africa. Thank you for linking to our video. We started broadcasting on the 2nd December and it's all going very well so far. Hopefully next year you'll be able to listen to us online!

Jean-Louis, can you send some more information to me about your friend David? I will try and see if anyone here knows him. My email is Warm wishes,

Steve Chalom said...

Hi there Jean-Louis, I have known 2 David Francks over the years. The one was many years ago, and not too well. (he was briefly with me at university, and I think was friendly with my cousin) I think he lives in Switzerland, or London at the moment, and I haven't seen him in many years. I could probably find him for you with some research. The other one I am still very friendly with. He's actually a French speaking guy, who has lived in South Africa for many years, and I am very much in contact with him. Can you let me know if it's either of these two, and then I can perhaps assist. I'm obviously hoping that it's my friend David, because then I can easily put you guys in touch with each other. If you wish to email me my email address is
Hope that helps
(please email me, as I'm probably not going to check back here)
Steve Chalom

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