Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Flamen - Australian Yiddish Folk Rock (Circa 1986)

Ok, set the way-back machine folks. Back in 1986 the Australian Yiddish folk-rock group Flamen recorded video for their song Zibn Teg (7 Days) as well as one for Unter A Grin Beymele (Under A Green Tree). They've just been posted to YouTube and I've got 'em for your enjoyment. (No giggling about the plaid dresses and feathered hair. None of us looked good in 1986.) Zibn Teg was written by Freydi Mrocki co-written by Freydi Mrocki and Lionel Mrocki, who now performs with Australian klezmer band Klezmania, Sefra Burstin, and Michael Karsz.

Flamen - Zibn Teg (7 Days)

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