Monday, November 3, 2008

Reb Dovidle's Koach!

I've got a disc spinning right now that I just don't know what to do with. It's loaded with Spanish guitar, electronica beats, and infectuous pop hooks, and some serious love. It's also majorly uneven, amaturish, with reedy vocals, a stiff drum machine, and a go for broke "throw every sequencer patch at it" enthusiasm. Whew. So bottom line ... Reb Dovidle's self-arranged, performed, produced, and promoted album "Koach! and Ashrey! and More" isn't a fabulous album.

But there's something brewing here, a Reb Dovidle's got a wonderful musical imagination. His compositions take unexpected twists and turns. I've thrown the disc on a number of times, just to whack the skip button until I've gotten to "Barch Nafshy" or "Baruch Sheamar" and cranked the volume. I've found myself humming his Ashrey. Underneath the roughness, there is a real talent here. For his next album, and I know there will be one, I hope that Reb Dovidle lets his voice and guitar take more central role, improves his chops on the electronics, and spends a little more time in post production editing out some of the extras. I'm looking forward to hearing it.

Here... check out his Reb Dovidle's Ashrey

I'm hoping to get him to let me post his Barchy Nafshy, as well. I'll update this post if he does. Ok it's up. Thanks!

You can here more Reb Dovidle at his TuneCore page and buy the album tracks at eMusic and Itunes.


Anonymous said...

During WWII my father and I traveled the Pacific coast with Zionist Rabbi Holtzer who was unconventional in that he often spoke to goyische sudiences. He'd pass his homberg and soon it would be filled with $ for a temple in then PAlestine. Rabbi Holtzer played violin and danced as he played. I'd often join and dance alongside! He also nicknamed me Dovidle.

Some 60 years later before his passing, my father again began calling me "Dovidle"

I use the name to honor a remarkable memory of a mensch, a zaddich? I know so little.

G_D Bless your music, and your mitzvah

Dovidle Irvin King

Shalom Aleichem

שלום אלאיצ'אם

Anonymous said...

I know it's a bit late, but Thank YOU for your kind words and your bracha! - Reb Dovidle