Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Israeli Music Videos

If you promise not to ask me what "Jewish music" is, I'll promise not to tell you. I've seen the topic debated too frequently to care much about anyone's opinion (including my own). What I will say is that Israeli bands don't generally make my cut by just singing in Hebrew. On the other hand, I could see it turning into one of those guilty pleasures that I won't tell you about (much).

What brings this up is a web site called "Free Jewish Music", a site put up by IsraeliMusicTV

IMTV is on a mission to provide entertainment media to the fast growing segment of young Americans and Modern Orthodox who identify with Israeli youth culture.

Not me. But that's ok. I identify with free music videos. The bad news is that only one or two of the videos have (to me) any Jewish feel to them. It also doesn't look like the site has been updated recently. The good news is it has a link to a great YouTube video of David Broza, the one of the only Israeli musicians whose albums I own and love. His Masada live concert recording "Starting to Breathe" is one of my all time favorite albums. The video is described as

"a musical collaboration between Israeli pop-star David Broza & the popular Palestinian singer Said Murad. Their song is a melancholy but hopeful message about the land they both love and share."

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