Sunday, January 14, 2007

Matisyahu's "No Place to Be" - The reviews are starting to come in

"Live at Stubbs" was amazing. "Youth" wasn't. A DJ friend told me recently that Matisyahu's rocky transition to Sony Records has killed his career. So, should I buy "No Place To Be"? I thought I'd go see what the early reviews looked like..

Tower Records review "The disc contains some true oddities that work to both broaden Matisyahu's appeal for pop audiences and solidify his reputation within the reggae community....

Billboard's Review "EPs piggybacked onto holiday DVD releases aren't usually worth multiple spins, but "No Place to Be" is the exception...thanks to its inclusion of clever, catchy remixes of some of the Hasidic reggae phenom's hookiest songs... While beautifully shot, the live DVD gets off to a glacial start and never quite reaches its potential. Slotted in between songs, though, are a few genuinely gorgeous clips of Matisyahu being interviewed and/ or filmed in the streets of Israel.—Wes Orshoski"

Sounds ok. I guess I'll pick up a copy and see for myself. I hope that his next full album can recapture the engery of Stubbs. In the meantime, I'll watch some Matisyahu videos and download an old live show, or listen to his podcast.

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