Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jewish Liturgical Music and Chant Development

While looking for one thing, I found another. The thing I was looking for (he said sheepishly) was to see if Google had found this blog yet. Nope. The thing I found was, an online catalog of liturgical music and texts. I don't know anything about Liturgica, but the writing style, references, and web store products suggest it's staunchly Christian. Love those "Judeo-Christian" and "Old Testament" references.

What got me interested was a series of academic essays on Jewish liturgical music and chant development. This is a topic I know nothing about, other than personal experience with contemporary Conservative Jewish practice. I haven't had a chance to read through these essays in detail, but they've jumped to the top of my reading list.
There are a number of Jewish sources that I'll need to follow up with, the first one being the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. HUJ has a publications list and a CD store that are pretty exciting.

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