Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sway Machinery Demo EP Available

So, for the last 6 months or so the Sway Machinery has been on my "Jewish music artists whom I really wish would release an album so I can buy it" list. I discovered the Sway Machinery on one of my MySpace crawls a while back and listened to their MySpace tracks and the tracks on their website repeatedly. I was taken with their squanky, bluesy, very New York and very Jewish sound. I've got a soft spot for a good horn section and SM delivers, and Jeremiah Lockwood's vocals are captivating and soulful. According to his bio, Lockwood is the grandson of a cantor and grew up steeped in the cantorial tradition. You can hear in his voice, though you can also hear echos of blues, jazz, and punk clubs. My kind of stuff exactly. Of course, their shows have all been MMFH (many miles from here).

But no albums for sale. Their discography listed a few earlier albums and film scores, but no pointers to where they could be ordered or downloaded. So I finally emailed Jerimiah to see what was up. Here's his reply

"We have currently available a demo EP of The Sway Machinery, featuring the bands current quintet line-up and musical concept. Our first album (self-titled) is still in print. Sadly, our second and best recorded effort, Subway Car Dreaming, has been out of print for some time. These first two CDs feature the band's old incarnation as a rock-oriented power trio. I offer (to the small number of people who are interested) a package of the first album, the EP and a CDR of Subway Car Dreaming for $25... We are currently working on a new album, but it will be some time untill it hits the street."
Thanks Jeremiah. I'll be ordering mine asap. For more information email

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