Monday, January 15, 2007

More on Dreidel Day

I exchanged some email with Mike the 2600 King over the weekend. I wanted to hear more about how Dreidel Day happened and hoping to get a track list. No luck on the track list, Mike is holding it close, but he was forthcoming about DD's origin.

Mike: "i put out the mix kinda just to do it. i'd been hearing a bunch of great mixes with all christmas-related funk or hip hop tracks and figured i had enough records to do a chanukah mix, even though the first song on there is the only one that's technically a chanukah song.

all of the records are israeli and from the '60s and '70s except for "hava nagila," which was on polydor. i'm not really trying to have the tracklisting blogged about and i'm also working to build this up to a full-length 60 minute mix, so hopefully that's something i can finish some time this year."
Thanks for the history Mike.

I was listening to the DD again and was perplexed by the last sample, which sounded like a very anti-semetic pro-Palestinian song. I'm guessing that Mike was being satirical, because the song was funny as hell. Just in a really negative direction.

Ok. Mike just set me straight. He's definitely being satirical. The track is from the very satirical Sacha Baron Cohen TV show "Da Ali G Show."

By the way, it turns out Mike is also a talented graphic designer. Check out his site

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