Saturday, December 8, 2007

Channukah Day 5: Yerachmiel, Optimystical & "Days of Light"

In my Channukah Day 3 post, I mentioned that a lot of folks have written Channukah songs but that most are earnest and forgettable. "Days Of Light" is a great example that's been making the rounds lately. (I saw it posted on Life of Rubin and the Jewish Music Blog last week.) Yerachmiel does a fine job here. The musicianship and vocals are straightforward but engaging. The lyrics catch all of the main Channukah themes. And, to my ears at least, does nothing with any of them. This song is a good listen, but by the time next Channukah rolls around it will long forgotten, just like the vast bulk of Channukah songs.

But since, "Days of Light" is new for this year, and since Yerachmiel and Optimistical do play well, it's worth the listen. Even if you just listen once.

Days of Light


dave said...

ive listened to it at least twice



Jack said...

grin. I'll bet. Sorry I wasn't more in love with Days of Light.