Monday, December 10, 2007

Channukah Day 7: Aren't They Cute?

The great thing (well, one great thing) about Channukah being eight days long, is that by day seven YouTube is beginning to flood with kids Channukah concert videos. And so maybe they're not the next Miami Boys Choir, but these long rows of well-scrubbed yiddishkinder can't help but make their parents proud. Truth to tell, I'm looking forward to when my little scholars are old enough to take their turn on stage demonstrating their mastery of "Oh Channukah" or "Maoz T'zur."

And so without further ado, here they are...2007 Kids Channukah Concerts! Channukah Sameach, kids! Bravo.

Temple Isaiah Hannukah 12/9/07

Hannukah Concert 2007

For the record, my little scholars aren't in either of these videos. I don't have any affiliation with either of the two schools, or even know where they are. Hat tip to YouTube members jimwinnett and dharrishoffma for posting the videos.

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