Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chanukah Day 2: Sam Glaser performs "I Remember Judah Macabee"

As I noted in last months post, the annual CAJE (Coalition on for the Advancement of Jewish Education) conference seems like quite a party. Here's Sam Glaser at the 2007 CAJE performing his "I Remember Judah Maccabee."

Sam Glaser @ CAJE 32

By the way, I had a great "middle age moment" because of this video. After hearing it the first time, I dragged my lovely and clever wife in to give it a listen. She's a big Beatles fan and cracked up at the first tinkling of the plastic ivorys. My elder wiggler immediately piped up with the obvious question..."Momma, what's so funny?" The middle age moment, though, isn't explaining pop song parodies to a 5 year old. That's just the daily joy of parental indoctrination. The middle age moment was realizing that some of my co-workers are young enough that they might not recognize that "I Remember Judah Maccabee" uses the melody from The Beatles "Let It Be." Now, I'm sure that all Teruah readers are brilliant, attractive, culturally literate, religious scholars and know all about Chanukah and about The Beatles and that I'm not getting old yet. If anyone knows anything to the contrary, they can kindly keep it to themselves.

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Hat tip to Shulerrobin for posting the Sam Glaser video.

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