Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ju-Metal: David Lazzar plays Lubavitch Hasidic Heavy Metal

I'm not much of a heavy metal fan (punk's more my thing) so I usually send interesting bits of Jewish heavy metal over to Keith at Metal Jew. But I thought I'd keep this one for myself, mostly because I enjoyed the documentary footage that's mixed between the music video footage.

I first heard David Lazzar on the fabulous SomethingJewish Show on London's Resonance 104.4fm (which isn't podcasted anymore. grrr. though you can still listen to it online.) I didn't know what to make of it then, though I've since realized that Lazzar's pretty serious about metal, has a solid band, and three albums to his credit.


By the way, Keith at Metal Jew has blogged about Lazzar a bunch of times. You can find his posts here.

Hat tip to ahoova for posting the video to YouTube.

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Lenchik said...

I think it's great,that we can express ourselfs in the hard rock or heavy metal.It souldn't be a taboo for Jews to listen or play this kind of music.I'm a musician who was growing up with classical,jazz and folk music and played it,and always had the disire to rock from Beatles,Deep Purple,Led Zepelin,Heart to Ozzie, Alice in chain,STP and many more.Ther is about 16 or more heavy metal groups in state of Israel and its growing,I think its wonderfull and I love it!Let's ROCK and express ourself!!!