Thursday, December 20, 2007

"How come you're watching a Rabbi play electric guitar?"

Here's Yehuda Glantz on the Eli Yazpan show. I don't speak Hebrew well enough follow the interview, but seeing Glantz break into La Bamba and seeing his cameo on the TV show "Friends" is priceless. So is the duet of "Cuando El Rey Nimrod" he sings with Yazpan. I won't spoil the punch line to the "How come you're watching a Rabbi play electric guitar" question, though. You'll have to watch and see.

Yehuda Glantz in Eli Yazpan show

According ot his bio, Glantz is "is a true Renaissance man. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he later immigrated to Israel in 1979 where he currently lives with his family. As early as 5 years old, his talent in music began to blossom. During these years he acquired deep and wide knowledge of music through a number of instruments. He has mastered 14 different traditional and ethnic South American instruments like charango, siku, pincuyo, guitar, accordion, keyboard, percussion, etc. He also writes, composes, and produces all his own music in his private studio in Jerusalem. Yehuda Glantz captures the hearts and souls of people around the world with the unique ground - breaking music and through electrifying and colorful performances on stage."

Check out Glantz' MySpace page for more info and lots of his music. Great stuff.

Update: I forgot to thank YouTube user Yair Peled for posting the video. According to his bio, Yair "has been an editor/animation director at Israel National News TV since 2002. Yair is also an illustrator and editor of video clips for religious musicians in Israel. Yair is presently have a new production company to be called "YAM Production" that doing video productions of jewish culture (TV/NET/CELL). Yair also work on is first music album produced by 'The Jerusalem Music Network'." Sounds like an interesting fellow. Peled's YouTube page has other videos of Glantz, a Moshav video, and an animation video.


Ben Bresky said...

He sang LaBamba in Yiddish.

Anonymous said...

Isaac Bittons Sons and Yossi Piamentas son, have a
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Jack said...

Thanks for letting me know. If anyone gets to the show, please let me know how it was. I checked out Rock of David's myspace page, but they don't have any music posted yet.

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