Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aharon Razel's Crembo Song

I was catching up episodes of the Sameach Music Podcast at work on Friday. In episode 36 there were a couple of stand out tracks and I'll try to recognize each one with posts this week.

The first one that caught my attention is the joyful "Crembo" by Aharon Razel from his recent album "Connected To You". According to Sameach hosts Dov Katz and Sruly Myer (who are a hoot) Crembos (Krembos) are Israeli cream filled chocolate balls that were originally invented to give ice cream factories something to do in the winter. (Check out this first timers experience with Crembo).

The song is a yummy confection too. Check it out.

Aharon Razel - Crembo


Ari said...

My first memory of "crembo" mentions in Israeli pop would be from "Ani zokher ota me-ha-makolet" (I remember her from the grocery store) from the first Poogy album.

Talk about fun nostalgia. I need a crembo now.

Jack said...

Hi Ari. That's great. I haven't heard that song but will look for it. I'd never heard of Poogy either until now, but I found some videos on YouTube. What a great band. I'll have to post a video tonight. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank our Heavenly Father, I heard your song on the Sameach Music Podcast almost a year ago. For some reason it came to mind today and I found your post here through google. Thanks for posting this, I put an article on my blog about it because I love this song. I'd never heard of Crembos but this song definitely makes me want to taste one. Also, it makes me want to dance a bit. But mostly it makes me want to taste a Crembo.
Maybe I could taste one while dancing.
Shalom aleychem! Jewish American Goy in CA

Jack said...

David, glad you enjoyed the video.