Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What they're listening to in Israel

I've had a nice exchange about Israeli music in the comments section of my Boaz Muada post. One of commentators, Eva Broman, just provided a great list of some of her favorite Israeli singers. Take it away, Eva...

Here is, with some delay, a few Israeli artists that I enjoy. Most of them come from a Sephardi/Mizrahi background, but their music ranges from Israeli pop/rock to more ethnic sounds.

Boaz Sharabi-a Yemenite pop/rock and ethnic singer with many wonderful songs. Here is a classic one, performed together with David Broza:

Boaz Sharabi & David Broza - Latet

Avner Gadassi, a Yemenite singer who made his debut in the 70's:

Boaz Mauda won "Kochav Nolad" with a version of his song "Menagen veshar".

Margalit Tzanani...the old school "malka" of Israeli female Mizrahi singers. She has got a unique, bluesy sound. Here she sings her big hit "Az ma"


Check out her "Chomot cheimar", again performed by Boaz Mauda.

"Hamelech" Zohar Argov in a classic performance. With "Haperach Begani" he won the Oriental Song Festival in 1982:

And his heir to the throne, Eyal Golan singing a somewhat "rockified" version of this song:

Thanks Eva. These are some great voices here. I particularly like Sharibi & Broza performance.

Ok. I'll admit it I totally goofed this post up. When I first got the comment that became this post, it was from "anonymous" and I thought it was from Liz of "My So-called Israeli Life", whom I'm also chatting with about Israeli music. Liz is an American-born Israeli living and blogging about a year of service in the Israeli military. Hence the "What they're listening to in Israel" title for the post. But then I caught Eva's signoff, realized I'd been a dunce and fixed everything. Everything, that is but the title. I have no idea where Eva lives but am very appreciative of the time she spent finding videos of her favorite Israeli singers. The title should have been something like "What Eva's listening to." So, sorry for the confusion and thanks again Eva.

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