Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Feinsmith Quartet: Modern Jewish Music

Another genre of Jewish music that I've had a hard time tracking is Jewish classical / art music. Despite there being a long tradition of Jewish composers and performers, I've had a hard time getting oriented to the scene. Part of it is not knowing the proper terminology, part of it is just not knowing which websites track the scene. But I think I'm getting there, and hope to showcase lots more as the days go by...

Here's a great example. The Feinsmith Quartet is "... modern music at its most melodious -- full of tension but with thrilling rhythm" (Kaija Pepper, The Dance Current) The quartet will be playing in San Francisco this weekend at the SF Jewish Community Center. You can get more information on the quartet and the show at their website and their myspace page. They have an album coming out any day now. Hopefully I'll get to announce it in my next Recent and Upcoming Albums list.

Feinsmith Quartet: NAME from Feinsmith's ELOHIM

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