Monday, October 15, 2007

Kavaret / Poogy

So, I remember an early post where I commented that I was interested in learning and writing about Jewish music, and that I wasn't interested in Israeli bands unless they were self-consciously Jewish. Forget it. Every time I turn around I find another cool Israeli band. I'm going to stop feeling guilty about it and just go with it.

Today's Israeli band is Kavaret, alternately known as Poogy. I got turned on to Kavaret by Ari, who commented on my recent Crembo post. According to Ari,
"My first memory of "crembo" mentions in Israeli pop would be from "Ani zokher ota me-ha-makolet" (I remember her from the grocery store) from the first Poogy album. Talk about fun nostalgia. I need a crembo now."

I had never heard of Poogy, so I decided to check them out. According to their Wikipedia page, Kavaret played in the 1970's and was immensely popular in Israel and toured around the world. After they broke up, their vocalist Gidi Gov went on to be pop star in his own right.

Kaveret - Poogy 1973 - Yo ya


MoChassid said...

I went to school in Israel in 1974-5 and they were huge. Even though my Hebrew was nediocre, I could understand enough to 'get' their humor. They did, indeed, tour the US in subsequent years and I remeber seeing them twice.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Israel in 1976/77, and LOVED Poogy! The founding members are playing in Los Angeles March 11, 2008.