Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Shofar Madness

Sid Yiddish is back in action. I wrote about Sid's experimental shofar music video ("Suite For Furby On Shofar In D Minor)" back in July. While the Furby video was pretty unwatchable (bad audio recording + bad lighting = headache) it was pretty engaging conceptually. Sid just sent me an update, called "Beano". I enjoyed the effect that Sid was going for, the drone guitar vs. sharp shofar contrast, but wish the audio recording was better. The recording
doesn't pickup the individual guitars well and they come off a bit mulchy.
"This was one of the better and more funnier highlights from an August 1st Sid Yiddish (on shofar) performance at The Mutiny, an ugly, nasty dive bar in the Bucktown neighboorhood of Chicago. Sid Yiddish was backed by his performance art band $2 Cockroach, consisting of members Lew Brickhate (electric guitar) & Rat Niptik (bowed electric bass)."


If you happen to be in the Chicago area this weekend, Sid will be performing a 20-minute version of "Suite For Furby On Shofar In D Minor" at MusicCircus2007. The performance will be at Sunday, Oct 7, at 2:55 pm at the Chicago Cultural Center, see the MusicCircus website for more details. You can also check out Sid's myspace page.


Sid Yiddish said...


thanks for the plug, jack!!!

Sid Yiddish

Jack said...

Sure thing, Sid. Keep me posted on you adventures. By the way, if you know anyone else who's doing interesting experimental musical work with some Jewish connection, tell 'em to drop me a line.