Thursday, October 18, 2007

Musique Klezmer par Nomadeus

There is something delightfully stagey and off-kilter about this performance by the French ensemble Nomadeus. Normally when klezmer revs up I hear swirling and dancing (no kidding, right?), but in Bazaar Yiddish I hear ... the pounding of a fist on a door, feet running and then horses? There is a narrative of some kind unfolding here and it's a joy to get lost in.

bazaar yiddish

Nomadeus has an album, Tzigish Land, available through , a website and a bunch more videos.

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Frederic said...

Nomadeus Group warmly thanks you for your comments on our music. It cheers us up and induces us to keep on exploring that field of Eastern European traditional musics. We are trying to create our own peculiar atmosphere and we are happy to see that you have exactly understood it.
congratulations for your blog, keep up your good work!
sincerely, NOMADEUS