Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gimpel the Fool accordian duo

After posting about the opera La Juive (The Jewess), I went looking for videos of other Jewish operas. The first that I looked for was David Schiff's "Gimpel the Fool". While I didn't find the video I was looking for, I did find this gem. It's a Japanese duo calling themselves the "Jabara Sisters" playing a composition by Hankus Netsky, of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, also called "Gimpel the Fool." According to the video notes, the Netsky piece was written for a radio drama presentation of Issac Bashevis Singer's story. According to the Klezmer Conservancy Band's website, their version of Gimpel is available on their album "Dancing In The Aisles." I haven't been able to track down the radio program yet, but I'll keep looking.

Gimpel The Fool

Hat tip to the Jabara Sisters for posting the video.

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