Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Klezmer, with violin and handgun

Update. I'm completely an idiot. That's not a handgun on the cover it's a violin neck aimed directly at the camera. sigh. That makes much more sense. Ignorant in public. Yep, that's me.

Ok, so I'll admit I'm a sucker for album covers. I've bought numerous albums just for the covers (most of which were only worth the covers, ah well). Here's one that I will be definitely buy for the cover, though the music is just fine too.

Klezmer Karma album cover

The artist is Roby Lakatos, the album is "Klezmer Karma." The handgun? Don't ask me. Here's the AvantiClassical record label description of the album...
"Roby Lakatos and Ensemble proudly present their new recording for avanticlassic and avantijazz. This luxurious new project is a fusion of the hugely popular Lakatos Gypsy style with a Yiddish and Klezmer repertoire.

With support from the world-renowned Yiddish singer Myriam Fuks, the Italian accordionist Aldo Granato and the celebrated Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, this luxury SACD production will delight both fans of Roby and of Yiddish Klezmer music.

A unique homage to some of the most inspiring tunes of western musical history with a very modern feel and with arrangements containing elements of Tango, Funk, Jazz and Waltz. This is an extremely refreshing and original musical journey."

Still don't get the handgun. Did Yiddish Gangster become the new look? Should I go rent a copy of "Once Upon A Time in America?" Anyway, here's a YouTube video of Lakatos violining up it Gangster Style on the Yiddish classic "Romania, Romania".

Hat tip to AvantiClassical for posting the video.

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