Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Japanese Klezmer, Roma, freeform band

I love this kind of thing. Start with some good squawky guitar, then break into something that sounds like a freilach crashing downhill into a junkyard. The musicianship isn't quite top notch, but who cares. It's a glorious mess.

I haven't been able to figure out an English translation for the name of the band (Babelfish translates the video title as "Is that that?") but I'll keep trying. Here's the video description...
"A very rare band from Japan playing Klezmer (Jewish) and Gypsy (Roma) music. The band formed in 1999. Not using any electrical instruments at all, the band's sound reminds one of nostalgic circus music and old jass bands. With all the different backgrounds of the musicians from Ding-Dong(A Japanese advertising Marching Band), Jazz, Rock, Pop, New Orleans, Latin, Musette, Irish, to Classical, and their free style performance, the band is able to create a distinctive world of their own. They are active on the streets, event spaces, and clubs in and around Osaka. They played together and opened for bands like: "Fanfare Ciocarlia"・a Rumanian Gypsy brass band, "Think of One" from Belgium, and "Willem Breuker Kollektief" from Holland, and more"


Hat tip to Tazy1969 for posting the video.

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