Friday, January 4, 2008

Oseh Shalom - Aryeh Kunstler and Marc Rossio

Shabbat Shalom everyone,

It's cold Friday here on the North Coast. It hit 1 degree Fahrenheit yesterday and was up to a balmy 17 degrees this morning. Continuing my weekly tradition, here are some Friday night service music to get us in the mood. The first video is a new one from Aryeh Kunstler off of his new album "From The Depths" (available from Jewish Jukebox.) The second is "Marvelous Toy" Marc Rossio and his daughter. I was originally going to find a second video with a little less 'performer' and a little more 'liturgical' feel. But Marc's daughter is pretty cute and reminds me of my girls. What's a papa to do?

Aryeh Kunstler - Live @ JMC

Marc Rossio sings "Oseh Shalom" with his daughter

hat tip to Aryeh for sending me his video and to RabbiJason for posting the Rossio video. (Rabbi Jason has a blog. Check it out.)


Rabbi Jason Miller said...

Thanks for posting the video of Marc Rossio and his daughter (Hannah) singing Oseh Shalom. He was performing at my synagogue and bringing her onstage was completely unplanned. It turned out to be the highlight of the concert.

Since you're interested in Jewish music, you might like to read two articles that were just published on the Forward's website. One is about synagogues using music to revitalize their membership ("Synagogues Become Rock Venues"). The second is about Israeli rapper Subliminal ("MC Citizen: Israeli Rapper Subliminal Tours Stateside").

Jack said...

I can see why bringing Hannah onstage was such a hit. And thanks for the links to the Forward articles. I hadn't seen them yet.