Friday, January 11, 2008

Adon Olam

It's Friday. Shabbat Shalom everyone...

This week I'm featuring a couple of nice performances of Adon Olam, one of the closing prayers of the Friday night service. I would love to features Shabbat videos that are unaccompanied and less stagey, but I've had a hard time finding them. But I'll keep looking. Both videos this week are Israeli. The first is from 1977 and features popular vocalist Uzi Hitman. The second is Yehuda Glantz and the Israel Symphony Orchestra Latin. Of course, I previously posted the best Adon Olam video ever, the inimitable Moshe Skier Band's spoof of Saturday Night Live "ich hob veiter a bissel shtickel cowbell!"

עוזי חיטמן ועודד בן -חור / "אדון עולם" 1977

Yehuda Glantz on the Charango

If you liked the Yehuda Glatz video, check out my previous post "How come you're watching a rabbi play electric guitar?"

Thanks to Youtube users Zweef1980 for posting the Yehuda Glantz video and Texparasit for the Uzi Hitman video.

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