Friday, January 4, 2008

Mah Rabu: Myths and Facts: Musical Instruments on Shabbat

I'm pretty interested in the halacha (Jewish law) of Jewish music and have posted about it a couple of times (see related posts, below). One important element of music halacha is the prohibition of music on Shabbat. Like many aspects of halacha, it can be a bit hard to pin down exactly where the prohibition comes from. BZ of the Ma Rabu blog wrote a long post today analyzing many of the key arguments in favor of the prohibition. He doesn't have a specific agenda behind his analysis other than to clarify discussion and get past a generic 'halacha says'. Since he covers a lot of separate arguments, it would tough for me sum it all up. If you're interested in such things, go read it. If your an expert it such things, go comment. He's looking to start a conversation and welcomes corrections and alternate interpretations.

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