Thursday, January 17, 2008

Klezmer Shofar

I love the shofar. (The name of this blog, Teruah, comes from one of the shofar notes played on the high holidays.) And I love hearing it pop up in unlikely places. While getting pressed into service in a klezmer piece isn't as odd as showing in a duet with a Furby, I was still surpised and taken by this piece. According to the video notes, Metropolitan Klezmer trumpeter Pam Fleming was "trying out her latest horn, a kudu (antelope) shofar!"

Metropolitan Klezmer: Pam Fleming's kudu shofar solo

Hat tip to YouTube user 'evesicular' for posting the video.


FearlessDreamer said...

Hey- Thanks for finding me!!! Pam Fleming (trumpet/ kudu shofar),

Jack said...

Sure thing! You can sure coax a lovely sound out of that horn.